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B&Q Choose Change 180° Photo Tour
Smart Studio

B&Q Choose Change 180° Photo Tour

Atomized worked in collaboration with Freuds and B&Q to produce an interactive 180° photography tour to showcase the new product ranges.

The photography was captured with specialist 360° cameras on set of the recent B&Q 'Choose Change' campaign, where the DIY brand created two rooms - a lounge and a bedroom - to demonstrate how their new product ranges can be used to create a modern, stylish home.

After taking the raw photos back to the studio to edit and stitch together into a 180° viewport of each room, the final images were uploaded into virtual tour software where interactive hotspots were added to provide more information about each item in the scene. We optimised and uploaded over a hundred images and organised them into slideshows, which enabled the viewer to interact with the scene and cycle through product range images, all within a self-contained webpage.

Zoom and Pan controls enable the viewer to see each product in the scene in sharp detail, whether on desktop or mobile, creating a fun and interactive experience far beyond the typical online brochure.

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