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The Time to Act is Now
SMI / Bank of America

The Time to Act is Now

An in-depth, intimate interview with RE:TV’s editor-in-chief, HRH The Prince of Wales, outlining his vision for a sustainable future in harmony with nature and exploring his long-term commitment to environmental causes.

This film was used to launch RE:TV in September, 2020. While HRH The Prince of Wales has campaigned for sustainability for some fifty years, invariably interviews with the Prince have approached him as royalty first and environmental campaigner second. We wanted to approach this film differently.  

We chose a black backdrop and dramatic lighting rather than the more traditional and grandiose setting more often used for interviews with the Prince. This added a sense of drama, focused attention on the message, and helped to elevate the archival footage. We particularly wanted to capture some of the passion and intensity the Prince conveys when talking about the climate crisis – something which is so often missed in ordinary interviews with him.

We chose therefore to make use of an EyeDirect, a mirror-based tool which effectively places the interviewer in front of the camera lens. That way, the Prince could speak to the interviewer whilst simultaneously looking directly to camera, capturing the immediacy and power of his delivery.

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